Proposition Bets (Exotics)

GTBets offers a very large menu for Proposition and Exotic Wagering. Simply put, Proposition/Exotic Bets may generally be considered as any wager other than a straight "side" or "over/under" wager. More specifically, these wagers usually involve specific events and occurrences that happen throughout any given game. We have listed some examples for you below.

Props/Exotics will be offered on more marquee games on the betting menu. These include, but are not limited to, Sunday and Monday night NFL games, various NCAA Football games, major Bowl games, and many Playoff and Championship Basketball games. There are also many other miscellaneous events that Props and Exotics will be offered for. Examples and Definitions of Common Props/Exotics

Which team will be the first to score?

The team that scores first in the game (touchdown, field goal or other). This bet will be taken off the board for wagering 15 minutes before the scheduled kickoff time because the coin has been tossed and the team who will have the first possession of the ball is known.

Which team will be the last to score?

The team that scores last in the game (touchdown, field goal or other, overtime included).

Season Player Awards

  • The winner is deemed the player who receives the Associated Press award for the respective category. All Bets are action. NFL Draft
  • Draft results listed on the NFL’s official website will be used for settlement purposes, including official draft orders and player positions published.

  • Settlement of Wagers

  • The NFL’s official website will be used to settle all proposition wagers

  • Futures/Season Bets

  • Super Bowl winner, Conference Winner and Divisional Winner wagers have action regardless of the length of the season.
  • Unless stated otherwise, for NFL regular season Team markets (including Regular Season Wins) to have action, teams must complete all 17 regular season games, and for
  • CFL(Canadian Football League) all 18 regular season games, unless the remaining games during the course of the season do not affect the result.
  • For Regular Season Win % market, wagers have action irrespective of the number of regular season games completed by a team.
  • AFC/NFC Conference winners are determined by the teams progressing to the Superbowl.
  • NFL Divisional winners are determined by games won during the regular season (NFL tie-break rules apply).
  • NCAAF regular season wins and match-ups are based on all teams listed, playing their full schedule, unless the remaining games during the course of the season do not affect the result.
  • NCAAF to Make Playoffs - Winners are the 4 teams who qualify for the Championship Semi-Final games.
  • CFL (Canadian Football League) Divisional winners are determined by games won during the regular season.

  • Season Props

  • All season props are based on the regular season matches only. For all Player markets, players stats stand irrespective of any trades during the regular season and all bets are action regardless of number of games played by the named player.

  • Touchdown / Field Goal Markets (including ‘Time of First’, ‘Longest Scored’, ‘Shortest Scored’, and ‘Team to Score Longest’)

  • In the event of no score (via the specified method) bets will be void.

  • Team First Score Method

  • The participant ‘Any Other’ relates to any scoring method other than Touchdown or Field Goal. In the event of no score bets will be void.

  • Pre-Game Bets (Game Lines Including 2nd Half/4th Quarter Bets) INCLUDE Overtime Unless Stated Otherwise

  • All NFL match markets and pre-game props will be settled according to game stats on the NFL’s official website published on day of the game. Subsequent amendments do not affect settlement.
  • For pre-game props the game must be completed for bets to have action, unless outcome of bets is already determined.
  • Team Totals, Odd or Even - Zero score by a team will count as Even for settlement purposes.
  • Team to Call 1st Timeout. Timeouts lost by any other means, e.g. Coaches Challenges, Injuries etc. do not count.
  • Will Either Team Score 3 Unanswered Times - Forecast whether either team will score 3 consecutive times during the game. A Score excludes any PAT's (point after touchdown) or 2 point conversions.
  • First Offensive Play of the Game - This market is determined by the first offensive play from scrimmage (excluding Penalties). In the event of the kick-off being returned for a touchdown then bets will stand for the following kick-off. Incomplete or intercepted passes and QB Sack or Fumble will stand as a Pass Play. A fumble on exchange to the RB will stand as a Run Play.
  • Total Offensive Yards - Settlement is based on the Net Yards for both teams (includes sack yardage lost).
  • Team to Gain Most Passing Yards – Settlement is based on the most gross yards thrown.
  • Team to Gain Most Rushing Yards – Settlement is based on the most Total Rushing yards gained (includes negative yardage).
  • Team to Punt 1st - In the event of no Punt, bets will be void.
  • Penalties - All Penalty markets are based on the Penalty being accepted. Declined Penalties do not count.

  • For the following markets your player must be suited/active for bets to stand (as per the official NFL Game Book):

  • First/Last/Multi and Anytime Touchdown Scorer - Forecast the name of the scorer of the first/last/multiple/anytime touchdown(s) in the game, or whether no touchdown will be scored. Field (quoted in First and Last Touchdown Scorer markets) refers to any player not specifically listed.