World Cup Prop Bets


One general rule of sports betting is that as the events get bigger, so do the number of available prop bets. Such is the case with the World Cup, which is absolutely massive in terms of global popularity.

A good portion of the 3.5 billion soccer (a.k.a. football) fans worldwide tune in to watch this 32-team tournament. So it's only natural that sportsbooks capitalize by offering lots of prop betting action. Assuming you're interested in making some World Cup prop bets, here's a look at different types of wagers that you can expect.

First/Last Player to score a Goal - This bet is pretty self-explanatory since you're either betting on who will be the first or last person to score a goal. A list of players will be given along with odds, and you simply pick whom you think will strike first or last.

First/Last Team to score - If you just read the description above, then you should have no trouble with this one. Just substitute teams in for players here.

Final Score - This is somewhat like a totals bet, except for the fact that you need to pick the exact score, rather than just an over or under. If Brazil and France were playing, you might be given options like Brazil 1-0, Brazil 2-0, Brazil 2-1, France 1-0, etc.

Total Corners - You must correctly guess how many corners will be taken (not just awarded) in a match with this bet. In most cases, you'll be picking between a few different options like "9 corners or less," "10 corners," and "11 corners or more."

Time of First Goal - Here you're just guessing what time the first goal will be scored. You'll be given a few time ranges with this bet to narrow the options down.

Halftime Score - Predict the exact halftime score. For instance, you might be given choices like Germany 1-0, Germany 2-0, 1-1, Chile 1-0, and Chile 2-0.

Keep in mind that there are a wide range of other World Cup prop bets available, and what we've discussed so far is just a small sample. So make sure to visit your favorite online sportsbook during the World Cup and check out what they have to offer.

Live Wagering


Aside from the prop bets that you'll see offered before a World Cup game, there'll also be additional in-game opportunities. With World Cup live wagering, you get to place bets on the action well after a game has started.

To illustrate this point, let's say that England and Spain are playing a game where the over/under was set at 3 goals. Assuming both teams combined to score three times by the half, an online sportsbook might offer a new bet where the over/under is set at 6 goals.

As another example, let's say that a sportsbook didn't offer any bet on who would score the first goal of the second half. Well, they could easily create this wager and make it available during halftime. Basically, World Cup live wagering is just as limitless as the prop bets that are offered before games.

Be Mindful of your Bankroll

While World Cup prop bets and live wagering opportunities add plenty of excitement to watching the World Cup, it's definitely important that you don't go overboard with these bets. After all, too many prop bets can wreak havoc on your bankroll if you start making extra wagers to earn back lost money.

A smart idea is to set a limit on how many prop bets you'll make throughout each week of the World Cup. Considering that the event lasts about four weeks, you could limit yourself to 3-4 prop wagers every week. This gives you the chance to still have some fun, yet also be responsible with your bankroll. And assuming you can do a good job of controlling your bankroll, you'll have a much more enjoyable and stress-free experience with soccer prop betting.